World Resources and the Environment

Pp10 is on the web to inform people about the environment and its relationship with Earth. Nowadays to think through about how to take care of world resources is a must. World resources are of a big importance. People should live on this Earth in a way that they can take care of its environment. As an advise, pp10 tries to arise conscience on the following: cooperate, share, live simply and act now!

If men and women do not act now they will have to deal with the adverse effects for living beings and the environment, there will be a serious environmental risk. Pp10 let everyone know about one of the adverse effects of our environment is the climate change which is a dramatic change in the statistical division of the weather order over periods varying from decades to millions years. There are many factors that may have an influence on climate change and these have got to do with the global energy balance. These factors could be, solar radiation, greenhouse gases, chlorofluorocarbons, among others. Pp10 tries to make its visitors really concern for world resources and for every living being. -

When one thinks of a sustainable world, world resources come to mind and how it has the capacity of maintaining itself for a very long period of time counting with its own resources. Some think about the benefits of counting now with natural resources but they don't think that if mankind does not take good care of them there may not be enough for future generations. Inhabitants of the world must learn how to take care of our natural resources. -

Be smart when using natural resources, every person has to take care of the place where he or she lives in to protect our planet and be able to keep it save for future generations.

Many countries try to follow the adoption of the tenth principle of Rio Declaration in 1992 at Earth Summit. It mentions that environmental issues can be best handled with the concern of all the citizens. All the individuals of a country can have access to information regarding the environment (information that is held by the authorities). -

Citizens should participate in the making of the decisions. Also, the government should facilitate and encourage their participation by making this information widely available.

Some countries have implemented principle tenth however this is a challenge for each countries' citizens because for making this possible, there must be a great deal of interest from the participants, it needs money ( for instructing people on what to do and on materials). -

This public awareness could help the Earth, more people would take better care of the natural resources there are. There are some natural resources that are essential for humans, but not every is conscious of this.

Pp10's goal is YOU to be more apprehensive of this matter. Pp10 is about world resources and saving them for future generations and how to take good care of the world resources that are left.

The traffic of endangered species is unfortunately not completely eradicated but some solutions have appeared. An unexpected factor helping to lower the rate of animal traffic is the consumerism of , which has brought a huge decrease in the sale of animal parts that supposedly contains properties against impotence, such as dried seahorses and crushed rhino horns.

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