Save our Forests

Pp10 is your source for information to educate yourself on the importance of forests. Green is popular these days, with everyone trying to use it as a label, but what do you really know about the problem of deforestation? Do you know why forests are needed? Trying to save our planet means that we all need to inform ourselves as much as we can. As citizens of the world we need to care for our forests and wildlife.

We must do whatever it takes to help sustain our forests. Woodlands are home to the vast variety of wildlife, plant life, and rich nutrients that help keep our world in balance and right now the world is at a high environmental risk. It cannot be denied any longer that we are facing a serious level of climate change, one that is directly related to deforestation. Our forests and wildlife are not disposable, they are integral to the health of the world. It’s important to understand what our forests do for us, and how we can prevent the destructive pattern. Information is the best way to help prevent further damage to the planet. Deforestation means we remove the trees, wildlife, and plant life to replace it with things like homes and businesses. The use of this land needs to be carefully considered so that a responsible choice may be made.

Natural resources are vital to the health of our lives. Often we forget the fact that natural resources don’t include just the fossil fuels that we depend on for transportation, but just as importantly the resources of our forests. Trees help to provide water to the air around us. They pull this water in through their roots and it evaporates into the air, when we deforest, or remove those trees we end up with an area that is significantly drier. Deforestation should be limited and smart educated choices should be made with regards to the use of our forests.

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