Sustainability and Commitment

Commitments are hard, we face them in our everyday lives, the commitment to make sure you kids have those brownies for school on Monday, or to have lunch with a friend, a bigger commitment that we should all be making however is a commitment to our planet. Most of us know that our planet is in trouble; with the rising cost of gas, it’s not just your pocket book that is a problem. As citizens of the planet, we need to understand that we need to commit ourselves to creating a sustainable world. Sustainability is what will preserve our planet for the next generations.

Climate change is real, and there are many things, which lead to this destructive problem. Therefore, it’s going to be highly important for you to educate yourself if you want to be able to commit yourself to making a change in the world. We need to be as aware as we can.

Pp10 offers an informational source about the environmental risks facing our planet, informing yourself is the responsible thing to do. You need to understand that your choices make a difference in the health of the planet, that you and your choices will matter. We need to as a culture do our best to preserve the natural resources that surround us and take care of the planet to the best of our ability. To do this finding sources to learn more about what environmental risks there are and how to help yourself live a greener life and lessen your carbon footprint. When you are well informed, you will then be able to help raise the public awareness of those around you. You’ll be able to show you’ve educated yourself, and understand the reason for preserving the natural resources that well all depend upon to live. Learn what you can do as a citizen to make a difference.

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